2016-02-19 17:57:00 By:konka
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    The Chairman of Mansales Nigeria Limited(MNL), the sole agent of KONKA Mobile in Africa, Engr.E.S.Eigbokhan said one of teh best things Nigerians are entitled to, is value for their money.
    He stated this at KONKA Mobile Launch and Media Parley recently in Lagos. He assured Nigerians of same high quality KONKA phones consumers enjoy in Europe and other parts of the world. He also added that the ultimate objective of Mansales Nigeria Limited(MNL) is to have KONKA plant in Nigeria in order to create more employment opportunities in the country.
    In the same vein, the Managing Director of Mansales Nigeria Limited, Mr Francis Osara reinstated that KONKA Mobile has come to stay and ready to compete with the leading mobile brands in the market because of the best quality, competitive price, satisfied service and highly esquiste products it offers.